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Gurminder Kandola

Product and Technology

Gurminder is seasoned, experienced and a connected executive.

Over the years, Gurminder has made connections with business leaders in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Product Development and Marketing. These veterans step in and get to work right away. They manage teams, set budgets, establish strategy and ship products. They have proven business and technical acumen. They are committed to speed and transparency. Over the course of their careers, they have built countless teams, rebuilt organizations, guided companies through mergers and acquisitions, and more.
Rather than spend years trying partner with key executives to accelerate your growth, Gurminder can arrange a meeting for you and get you going now.
I can guide your company through your immediate technical and organizational challenges, and position you for success, no matter the size of your organization.

Euroleaf frequently partners with executive level professionals to assemble project teams that can most effectively and efficiently meet your business challenges.
Our associates are linked by shared experiences on projects and by common business philosophies.

Brent Lowe

Organization & Individual Effectiveness

Brent Lowe is the principal consultant at BASE Associates. After founding three successful companies by the age of 24, Brent redirected his energy to helping other founders build great businesses. Serving on the senior leadership team of three early- stage and rapidly growing companies (Redknee, Achievers, Bullfrog Power), he has helped organizations double revenues, integrate acquisitions, launch new businesses, and expand internationally. Brent now dedicates his time and energy to helping his clients grow their businesses by combining best practices with a pragmatic and results-oriented approach to organization effectiveness.

Sharn Kandola

Digital Marketing

Successfully bridging technology with digital marketing, Sharn is a sought-after public speaker and moderator. Her extensive experience in leading digital marketing and communications strategy in the public and private sectors, has allowed her to take her work to industry giants such as Microsoft Canada, Samsung and LG. Growth-focused with a successful track record of creating online marketing strategies, Sharn's campaigns generate sales, momentum and market share. Sharn is the proud recipient of IABC's prestigious Silver Leaf award for her leadership in the planning and execution of a Canada-wide digital marketing campaign for a national healthcare body.