Building your development team locally - even if you are well funded – presents its own set of challenges in sourcing and retaining the ‘right’ employees. Finding GOOD developers who care and are vested in your product is not easy, but we're here to help!

Expand your development team

Stemming from our own frustrations, we know first-hand the stress that comes from trying to manage a team who is half way around the world.

Euroleaf manages the entire relationship between you and your extended development team. We completely take the stress off of you, allowing you to focus on your business while we take the ownership of the development and the release of a quality product.

Our teams work with the same urgency, quality standards and communication methods as you do. We are fully dedicated to your project and are engaged with you from the start - sharing ideas and making suggestions with your vision in mind.

Core competencies

Apache, Nginex, Teamcity, SOAP, REST, Elastic Search, Sphinx, HTML, CSS, Jade.

Mobile: iOS, Android, Microsoft

eCommerce: Magento

Languages: Ruby on Rails, Javascript (Node.JS, Angular JS, JQuerry) PHP(Symfony2, Twig, Phpunit, Selenium) Java(Spring, Hibernate, Cassandra)

We design experiences and spot opportunities

Developing the right creative demands imagination and ingenuity. As people and consumers, we are all influenced by creative design. We love innovative design and demand creative perfection from everything we do. We give clients unique design solutions because we continually evaluate our creative with many critical lenses. Each new project brings an opportunity to create something unique. For us, creating is all about:
Resonating with an audience
Drawing upon thoughts and experiences
Finding new meaning in old patterns
Evoking an emotional response
Intuitively putting the right combination of elements together.